Imagine yourself walking through this forest.  You have been here before, but this day will be different. You hear a sound and a rustling in the leaves and then you see something emerging and coming right at you. Is that a cat?

Wait, cats do not usually come to strangers, but this cat is coming right at you and it has this strange little churtle not a meow or a purr but a combination of both. You are immediately entranced with this cat. He is a large sturdy cat with big green gold eyes.  His  long  heavy coat glistens as the sun reflects off from tiny drops of water a remnant of the early morning  mist.  The many shades of his coat  allow him to become one with  the forest, as  his head and neck display a big mane and ruff.  There are heavy tuffs of hair between his toes and he carries his long flowing tail straight up into the air as he approaches you. You feel the power of this cat when he greets you with a head butt.

Welcome to the world of the Norwegian Forest Cat! 
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