Norwegian Forest Cats
DELTAWOODS Kitten Inquiry

Thank you for you interest in a DELTAWOODS kitten.  The kittens are raised in my home, underfoot, and I am very particular about where they will be going to live. I want them to live in healthy, happy and loving environments.  The more information that you are able to provide to me, the better able I am to match you with the right kitten.  If any of these questions offend you, then I am sorry, but I will not place any of my kittens without knowing more about where they are going and with whom. My kittens are all very special and there is alot of time, love and expense involved in raising them. They need to be placed in the home best suited for their own unique personalities, and I need to feel secure in that they will be loved, spoiled and well cared for. I reserve the right to cancel any written and or verbal agreement for kitten placement if supported information contrary to the information you provide comes to my attention.  The information you provide will not be shared with anyone, unless you specifically request me to share it with another breeder who may have kittens available. Thank you, Shari.
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